Leeway has been a creative and awesome partner in the launch of our STEM-based web series, "Hack Along With GoldieBox" on YouTube. We are thrilled to work with them!

Debbie Sterling, Inventor and CEO, GoldieBlox


Kristen and team Leeway bring so much energy, enthusiasm and smarts to the project – it's powerful! Team Leeway quickly caters to the immediate needs as well as the larger goals for the growth of the business and brand.

I truly never let things out of my hands, and I was immediately comfortable handing an entire production project to Kristen – to capture and represent our brand. Kristen is collaborative, directive and brings so much fun to the project! Can't wait to do more with her.

Samantha Razook Murphy, Founder, Curious Jane


It was a joy to work with Kristen. Her enthusiasm for my brand and faith in my story lifted me up on countless occasions. Kristen and her team helped me to see and tell my brand story anew. 

The Leeway team were the utmost professionals. Kristen was as good prepping me and guiding me through the shoot process as her team was organizing the crew members and managing the shoot. I was also grateful for her flexibility - when after finishing the first video cut I was able to provide additional materials to incorporate in. As roadblocks came up Kristen and team came up with creative solutions around them or called in favors. Kristen and team brought a fresh perspective to telling my brand story and also really "got it" - the final video was so true to the essence of my brand. I highly recommend Leeway and would love to work with them again.

Megan Reilly Cayten, Founder of Catrinka


Kristen is a graceful, smart and passionate partner in helping me tell the story of my business to the world.

Kristen cares about my business as if it’s her own, listens thoughtfully to my ideas, and then comes up with imaginative and fun suggestions for making them a reality. Whenever I get discouraged (because starting a new business is hard!) Kristen’s fierce commitment and belief in what I’m doing buoys me back up. I feel lucky to be working with Kristen.

Erin Kelly, Founder, Powerful Princess